Dear friends and colleagues

Welcome to the new network page of NERA network 20 “Youth Research”!

At the moment the site is rather empty and it is up to us how much we want to fill it with. Should we include a list of members, should we include more pages, fex an overview over relevant research projects the members are involved in? Is there anything else that could be useful to include? Please let me know.

Some of us have recently met at NERA i Gothenburg. Our network had 2 paper sessions and 1 symposium, with 13 papers altogether – all very interesting and with well prepared presentations. Next year we will aim for at least one more session.

At the network meeting at NERA we discussed the possibilities for financing a joint meeting for our network outside of the conference with the aim of applying for funding for a Nordic research project. We should all keep our eyes open when it comes to potential funding sources, for networking and/or for research financing in our respective countries.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on e-mail

With best regards,

Unn-Doris K. Bæck (convenor)